ubm group write their way into the games history

The Baku 2015 European Games produced a commemorative “Preview of the Games- History in the making Baku 2015” InsidetheGames magazine special edition to celebrate and record the historic event that was the inaugural European Games. Local company UBM Group collaborated with InsidetheGames across all areas of content, design, branding, print and distribution to help produce this 50 page magazine.

As one of the leading trade publications InsidetheGames is a must read for all Olympic and multi -sport families. This was a great step for UBM Group to be part of the main influencers in this industry. Content production is nothing new to UBM Group however as they have many other publications to their name including the Baku 2015 venue picture book, four issues of “History in the making Baku 2015” InsidetheGames magazine.