ubm group announced partnership with baltika-baku

UBM Group is pleased to announce a start of partnership and cooperation with the Azerbaijani representation of the  Russian Baltika Brewery “Baltika-Baku”.  In the framework of cooperation, UBM Group will provide PR, communications and event management services to Baltika-Baku.

UBM Group or United Business Media Group – is a private company with more than 18 years professional experience, providing services to local and international public and private customers, as well as other non-profit organizations. The company put innovation, lasting development, timely risk analysis and evaluating quality of services at core of its approach. Over the years, the company has won high praise from the government of Azerbaijan, including for its contribution to the success of the organization and delivery of the first-ever European Games Baku 2015.

UBM Group has won the competitive tender for providing services to Baltika-Baku in promotion of company’s image and its brands during the year of 2016. UBM Group is looking forward to working with Baltika-Baku and fruitful cooperation.

UBM Group is an official exclusive partner of Baltika-Baku for providing PR, communications and event management services. An Azerbaijan based company, UBM Group has an international presence operating across the fields of project management and communication services, marketing and branding, public relations and image enhancement, event management, media relations, advertising, website and social media development, management, monitoring and analysis and merchandising services. As a company having the largest access to resources in Azerbaijan, UBM Group provide the most optimum, accurate and efficient solutions for issues at highest level. UBM Group was a partner and exclusive provider of services for first ever European Games Baku 2015. For more details www.ubmg.az

Baltika-Baku brewery plant is located in Khirdalan, 10 kilometers away from the capital of Azerbaijan. As part of Carlsberg Group, Russian Baltika Brewery acquired the plant in 2008, and in May 2009, after reconstruction it was opened. Production capacity is about 10 million decaliters a year. Annual contributions of Baltika-Baku in the budget amount to more than AZN 20 million, whereas the company’s total investment in the development of the plant is more than AZN 40 million. Production of “Baltika-Baku” occupies more than 70% of the market (2014). The company produces popular brands of beer such as Xırdalan®, Tuborg®, Балтика 7®, Балтика 0®, Балтика 9®, Xırdalan Draft®, Kuler®, Əfsanə®, Жигулевское фирменное®.

Baltika Brewery LLC as part of the Carlsberg Group is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer goods in Russia and since 1996 is №1 in Russian beer market. Baltika Brewery owns eight factories in Russia with a broad portfolio of brands. It is the leading exporter of Russian beer; products of the company are presented in more than 75 countries across the world, accounting for more than 50% of all Russian beer exports.