the bloody list of 17

DID YOU KNOW that Armenia is one of oldest terrorist states in the world?
Historical facts show that Armenian terror, an integral part of bigger global terrorism network is more than 100 years old. Terrorism by Armenians has been historically structured, well-sponsored and organized. The idea behind this organized criminal movement is to establish the state of “Greater Armenia”. This radical movement for the sake of expanding Armenian borders at the expense of ethnic cleansing of other nations from their homeland territories intensified with foundation of “Armenakan” party in 1887, and two more parties within next five years – “Hnchak and “Dashnaksyutun”. The main and sole aim of these radical movements was and still is implementation of the extremist idea of “Greater Armenia” via terroristic methods.
Since then, Armenian terrorist network has been actively expanding and growing internationally, sponsored heavily by Armenian diaspora and supported by Russian state represented by various regimes throughout the century. The irreversible tragic impact of this movement to the nations in the region has been immense, especially suffered the Muslim population which has always been key target for Armenian extremists.
Below is the list of the Armenian terrorist organizations actively functioning for at least past 100 years, strongly supported by Armenian compatriots around the globe with one single aim – to keep committing bloodshed and massacres against the Muslim population.

1. “Armenakan” party was founded in 1885. This party perpetrated armed conflicts and terrorist acts in Istanbul and other regions of Turkey like Van, Mush, Bitlis, Trabzon, and was in collaboration with Armenians living in Iran and Russia.

2. “Hnchak” party was founded in 1887 in Geneva, Switzerland. The main aim of the organization was to establish the state of “Greater Armenia” by capturing the Anadolu territory of Turkey, and the areas they called “Russian” and “Iranian” Armenia. As it was mentioned in the 4th section of the program of the party, “The method of propaganda, agitation, terrorism and formation of ruinous organization should be chosen in order to achieve the goal”. More than 100 years later, this slogan is still the main idea of the Armenian President Sargsyan, voiced at the 10th Congress of the Yerkrapah Volunteer Union in Yerevan on 14 February 2014: “There is no redemption without weapons!” (follow this link for the video )

3. “Dashnaksyutun” – Armenian federative revolution party was founded in 1890 in Tbilisi, Georgia. The main purpose was to establish the state of “Greater Armenia” at the Azerbaijani territories of Nagorno-Karabakh, Nakhchivan, as well as the Anadolu region of Turkey. “Dashnaksyutun” held its first congress in 1892 in Tbilisi and issued an order to organize an attack against Turks. After this congress, “Dashnaksyutun” gave an order “to kill the Turks everywhere, in every condition, kill and revenge those who retracts his/her word, and Armenian traitors”. There were several terrorist groups formed by “Dashnaksyutun” party: “Avengers of Armenian genocide” group that started its activity in 1973, and killed Turkish diplomats in Austria, Denmark and Portages during 1980-82 years; Secret terrorist group DRO and its divisions (DRO-8, DRO-88, DRO-888, DRO-8888), their terrorist activity has never stopped and even still continues.

4. “Armenian Secret Liberation Army” (ASOA) was founded in 1975 in Beirut, Lebanon. The headquarters was located in Damask. It had more than one thousand soldiers trained at the military basis of Palestine. The organization committed terrorist acts that caused the death of 19 Turkish diplomats in different countries of the world during first six years of its activity.

5. “Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia” (ASALA), the headquarters of the organization that was found in 1975 in Beirut, Lebanon within its training basis in Syria. The aim of the organization was as always to establish the state of “Greater Armenia” that would include Eastern Turkey, Northern Iran, and Nakhchivan and Nagorno-Karabakh territories of Azerbaijan. This organization committed terrorist acts mainly against citizens of Turkey and Azerbaijan. The main figure in collaboration with terrorist groups such as “Abu Nidal”, “Black September” was the leader of ASALA – Akop Akopyan. Akopyan (“Mujahid”), who assumed the responsibility for the death of the Turkish ambassador in 1980, in Athena, noted during his interview to the “New-York Times” on 1 August 1980 – “Our enemy is the Turkish regime, NATO and those Armenians who don’t collaborate with us”. Akopyan was killed in Athena. ASALA came to an agreement with Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) about committing combined terrorist acts in 1980 and officialized this intention. ASALA mentioned in their declaration made on 28 April 1993 in Beirut that they would not allow the fulfillment of the project connected with the “Pan-Turkish oil pipeline” (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline).

6. “Geqaron” was founded by ASALA in February 2001. The aim was to perpetrate terrorist acts against political leaders, diplomats and businessmen of Turkish origin in Southern Caucasus and Middle Asia.

7. “Armenian Liberation Movement” (AOD) was founded in 1991 in France. Committed its terrorist acts in close relation with ASALA.

8. “The Armenian Liberation Front” as part of ASALA was founded in 1979. The organization used to train terrorists against population of Turkey and Azerbaijan.

9. “The Orli Group” was founded by Armenian youth living in France. The organization committed more than 10 terrorist acts in different airports around the world until 1987.

10. “The Armenian Genocide Justice Commandoes” was founded in Vienna, Austria during the Congress of the Dashnaksyutun Party in 1972. The main aim of “The Armenian Genocide Justice Commandoes” was to assemble the Lebanese citizens of Armenian origin in military groupings and to organize bloody terrorist acts against Turks and Azerbaijanis.

11. “The Armenian Union” was founded in 1988 in Moscow, Russia. It had close relationship with ASALA and provided terrorists with forged documents for their activity in the former soviet territory, and took part in conveying of arms and mercenaries to Karabakh.

12. “Young Armenians Union”, the organization that was in charge of kidnap of diplomats, was founded in 1990 in France.

13. “The Group of 9 June”, the organization that was trying to free Armenian terrorists, was founded in 1991 in Sweden.

14. “Sweden Group”, the organization that acted in most countries of Europe, assumed the responsibility of 4 terrorist acts in France, Italy and Greece.

15. “Diplomatic Front” acted in USA, Canada and Western Europe. The main aim was to collapse Turkish State.

16. “Suicide Squadron” was founded in 1981 in France. In the same year, this organization participated in the occupation of the Head Consulate of Turkey in France. As the result, 4 members of the group and their former leader Yan Kashkayan were arrested.

17. “Apostol” was founded by the Armenian Defense Union on 19 April 2001. The organization mainly consisted of the Armenia, Syria and Lebanon citizens. The aim is to perpetrate terrorist acts in the territories of Turkey and Azerbaijan.