azerbaijani people commemorate the 26th anniversary of death of 20th january’s victims

Every Azerbaijani whose heart harbours love for the homeland strive vigorously on that day to strongly denounce the crimes against their compatriots.

Feeling obliged to join the effort to proclaim to the world at large the entire truth about the tragic events of 20th January, UBM Group announced the start of a publicity campaign that harnesses cutting-edge ICT solutions and reaches virtually every corner of the planet.

Conceived as a homage to all victims of that horrendous tragedy, this project is being implemented as part of the Corporate Social Policy of UBM Group in order to enlighten the international community about the crimes during the bloodbath of 20th January.

Developed and produced by the company, the posters, artwork and videos incorporating documentary footage have been posted on the dedicated pages set up on the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as YouTube in 5 languages, Azerbaijani, English, French, German and Russian.

UBM Group urges all Azerbaijani nationals, regardless of their place of residence  in the world, to become actively involved in disseminating the honest truth about the events of 20th January. Let us not forget our history and tell the world in a loud voice about the bloodiest page in the modern history of Azerbaijan.

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